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R53 Suspension IL46

IL46 - Double adjustable coil

The IL 46 is a Double adjustable coil over damper with separate and independent compression and rebound adjustments. The IL46 is gas pressurised without the need of an external reservoir. It is revalvable and rebuildable.


Features IL46

  • 2 way adjustable

    • Compression: LOW speed; bleed

    • Rebound: bleed check valve; separate the damping adjuster to only affect the rebound curve

  • Piston: 46mm (*)

  • Shaft: 16mm

  • Re-valvable

  • Custom lengths and valving

  • Spring options: 2.25”, 2.5” and 60mm ID

  • Racing (IL 46) and Road (IL 46R) versions available


(*) Several pistons options available (linear-linear, digressive-linear…)


R53 Advantages

  • OptiFlowTechnology damping (OFT)

  • Pressure Balanced damper

  • Low hysteresis

  • Fully customised for each car and each application

  • High strength lightweight aluminium components

  • Hard chromed and low friction shafts

  • Low friction durable sealing solutions

  • Custom-Valved for Driver Feel or Chassis Set-Up

  • Identification: Dampers serialized for traceability

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