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R53 Suspension TR35

The TR-35 is a Twin Tube damper that features a 35mm solid piston and a thru-rod shaft. This design is fully pressure balanced, eliminates the risk of cavitation and eliminates the gas force on the tyre. All this combined with R53 Suspensions’s OptiFlow Technology (OFT) ensures an excellent vehicle performance.


The TR-35 has 4 fully independent adjuster located cartridges to allow a quick and easy revalving without the need of disassembling the damper.


The 4 way twin tube design is also offered as Non Thru Rod      (NTR 35)


Adjustable Blow Off Technology (BOT) is available on all versions



  • 4 way adjustable (5 way with Blow Off)

    • Compression: LOW speed; bleed + HIGH speed; preloaded shim cage

    • Rebound: LOW speed; bleed + HIGH speed; preloaded shim cage

  • Cartridge piston: 30mm cartridge piston (*)

  • Piston shaft: 35mm solid

  • Shaft:16mm

  • In line damper

  • Revalvable

  • Custom lengths and valving

  • Spring options: 2.25”, 2.5” and 60mm ID

  • Adjustable Blow Off option

  • Easily reclockable (for better packaging)

  • Lightweight

  • Most optimised stroke vs length damper in the market


(*) Several pistons options available (linear, digressive, progressive…)

R53 Advantages

  • OptiFlowTechnology damping (OFT)

  • Pressure Balanced damper

  • Low hysteresis

  • Fully customised for each car and each application

  • High strength lightweight aluminium components

  • Hard chromed and low friction shafts

  • Low friction durable sealing solutions

  • Custom-Valved for Driver Feel or Chassis Set-Up

  • Identification: Dampers serialized for traceability

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