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R53 Suspension ST46

ST 46 - triple adjustable coil

The ST 46 is a triple adjustable coil over damper with separate and independent compression and rebound adjustments. The ST46 is gas pressurised with an external reservoir (piggyback or remote). It is revalvable and rebuildable.



  • 3 way adjustable

    • Compression: LOW speed; bleed + HIGH speed; preloaded shim cage

    • Rebound: bleed check valve; separate the damping adjuster to only affect the rebound curve

  • Piston: 46mm piston (*)

  • Shaft: 16mm shaft

  • Piggy back or remote reservoir

  • Revalvable

  • Custom lengths and valving

  • Spring options: 2.25”, 2.5” and 60mm ID

  • Hydraulic Bumpstop option available


(*) Several pistons options available (linear-linear, digressive-linear…)


R53 Advantages

  • OptiFlowTechnology damping (OFT)

  • Pressure Balanced damper

  • Low hysteresis

  • Fully customised for each car and each application

  • High strength lightweight aluminium components

  • Hard chromed and low friction shafts

  • Low friction durable sealing solutions

  • Custom-Valved for Driver Feel or Chassis Set-Up

  • Identification: Dampers serialized for traceability

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