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R53 Suspension products are optimised for each application using high end technologies. R53 customise every product to best suit each customer needs, dimensions and application.


R53 Advanced Technology shock absorbers use our own OptiFlow Technology (OFT) applied on monotube and twin tube shocks. All of our technologies and dampers are developed using extensive simulation models.


Our large product range varies from 30mm (Formula cars) to 60mm (X-country Off road vehicles) pistons as well a 15mm piston throttle damper.


R53 products are adapted for motorsport and high performance road and offroad vehicles.


All R53 shocks offer high performance, high strength, low friction, minimum weight and optimized flows.


R53 damper technologies are designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), validating their strength with FEA and are 100% tested on our damper dynos individually to ensure a High Quality product.


R53 also produces fully customized shocks (dampers) and suspension solutions for other industries such as defense, aerospace and marine (please send enquiry).


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