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The ST-55 and ST-60 are multi adjustable coil over dampers. Compression (low and high speed), rebound and bumpstop adjustments are available on these truly versatile and high performing dampers.



  • Monotube gas pressurized

  • Lightweight

  • Body: Aluminium

  • Piston:

    • ​ST55: Ø55mm

    • ST60: Ø60mm

  • Shaft: Hard chrome plated shaft (super low friction treatment available)

    • ST55: Ø22mm

    • ST60: Ø25mm

  • Bumpstop: Hydraulic (HBS)

  • Rebound stop: Hydraulic (HRS)

  • Adjustment: Large range of adjustability:

    • 4 (3+1) way adjustment configuration

      • Low speed compression (32 clicks)

      • High speed compression (32 clicks)

      • Rebound (40 clicks)

      • Hydraulic Bump Stop (32 clicks) - Option
  • Compression valve:

    • Low speed: needle​

    • High speed: preloaded shim cage on piston

  • Sealing: Oil seal + scraper

  • Spring: 70mm or 75mm ID. Colour: R53 orange

  • Spring gear: Included to suit spring (other options also available)

  • Mountings: 2x rose joints (16mm bore)

  • Setting: TBA (customised for each vehicle and application)

  • Others:

    • All main components are 7000 series aluminium with a steel, hard chrome plated shaft​

    • OptiFlowTechnology damping (OFT)

    • Low hysteresis

    • Low friction seals

    • Circlip retained sealhead

    • Side load support enhancement

    • Identification: Dampers serialized for traceability



​The ST55 and ST60 dampers can be configured in 3 different ways in order to accomodate different technologies for different demands:

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