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R53 Offical partner of the FIA RX2E Championship

At R53 suspension we are delighted to work with QEV and OMSE and be part of the RX2e project. It is a very exciting project for R53 suspension and for the World Rally X championship too. Electric cars are the future and RallyX are taking the next step with this new technology.

The dampers for the RX2e are 3 way adjustable dampers using R53’s OptiFlow technology. They are also equipped with a HBS (hydraulic bumsptop) system in order to absorb the high jumps required on RallyX. The R53 units for the RX2e used 7000 aluminium series components to achieve high strength and minimum weight.

RallyX is one of the most demanding and difficult motorsport categories for the dampers. The fact that the races are on tarmac and gravel at the same time means that the suspension needs to have High Performance on both surfaces, which means that the correct balance of grip/traction must be achieved. All of this is coupled with large jumps that need to be progressively absorbed. An Extensive R&D program has been carried out at the R53 factory and in parallel at the track which has given the RX2e car a world class suspension system.

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